Episode 007 Ay Yo Mick, We Are The Law!

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  • Song Name: Episode 007 Ay Yo Mick, We Are The Law
  • Artist: Origin:Z RetCon Podcast
  • Album: Origin:Z RetCon Podcast
  • Year: 2012

For Episode 007, we’re bringing law to the streets of the iTuniverse on the Origin:Z RetCon Podcast, as we talk about everyone’s favorite chin in a helmet, dispensing hardcore justice on the MegaCity Streets, Judge Dredd, following the release of the reboot of the character in the Karl Urban led Dredd 3D. We do a retrospective look at the Stallone-fronted Judge Dredd movie of 1995, what made it tick, what ticked fans off & how the new movie compares & what fans of the character can look forward to with Dredd 3D. Strap on your lawgiver Rookies, we’re goin’ in.